Thursday, March 4, 2010

February Results

February was a big month for several reasons. First, I went on a pretty significant rush early on, as is clear on the graph below. This gave me a boost of confidence, but also of motivation to really focus on my game. Second, I bought Collin Moshman's book Heads-Up No-Limit Hold 'Em, which confirmed to me that I had been on the right track to a winning style of HU play, but which also built upon and deepened my understanding of the logic behind my more or less intuitive play to that point. Third, and most obvious, my average and total profit, as well as my average ROI, improved significantly this month.

February 2010
Total games: 673
HU games: 652
Total profit: $1,190
HU profit: $1,134
Hourly Rate*: $7.85

Heads Up SNG Results

Total SNG Results

*Based on records kept from 2/10-2/28.

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