Thursday, August 5, 2010

July Results

Considering the low volume, this month went very well. I spent almost the entire month across the country in San Francisco and Oakland, visiting friends and scouting the area for a possible move. I had a blast, but I also spent a bunch of money, and squeezing in a few sessions here and there helped to offset the cost of travel significantly. I paid close attention to game selection, and also played evenly and with a clear head, as I felt no pressure to play at times when I wasn't up for it.
Interestingly, my ROI is weighted down by poor performance in the $10 regular speed games, in which I broke nearly even. In the $11 turbos and up, I did much better.

July Results
Total Games: 126
Total Profit: $345
Hourly Rate: $8.70


  1. Very nice ROI over that sample size! I'm a little jealous to be honest.

    You mentioned game selection, are you doing this at the $20 level or is it even possible to do it at the $10 level because of how fast the lobby fills? I'm currently playing the $5 reg speeds but will be moving up to the $10s tonight and wanted a little insight into this. Thanks!

  2. Hey man, thanks for the complement!
    Yes, my ROI is definitely well-inflated by game selection, which itself has both pros and cons... in a nutshell, I think that game selecting for bad players at these low stakes means that while you're almost always the better player by a significant margin, you run into more "what the hell" situations that are difficult to understand from a logical perspective. It can also make you lazy, because you don't need to play your A game and use your whole brain when most of the players can be beat by playing very straightforward ABC poker.
    I have found that game selection is possible at both the $10 and $20 level, but is more difficult for turbo games, which tend to fill up much more quickly. If you are going to try this method, I also recommend you take advantage of Stars' color-coding note system; that way you can get instant information about a player sitting in a lobby (the color will show next to their name). I use green for fish, blue for winning players, and red for excellent players.
    Thanks for reading. I wish you statistically average luck and minimal variance!