Saturday, May 1, 2010

April Results

A great month. I ran well and played well most of the time, and as a result I really didn't need to put in a ton of work. A good thing too, because though I would have liked to play a bit more, circumstances this past week have made this difficult. I missed the last weekend due to scheduling conflicts with my other job, and my mother has been visiting me in Chicago since the 28th.

On a related note, I gave my manager my two weeks notice a few days ago. Every time I go back to the coffee shop I'm reminded of what a waste of time it is working there for minimum wage, and how crushing it would be to go back to that grind even part time. So I quit. I have a financial cushion of about six hundred dollars plus my current bankroll (~$1,800). Wish me luck!

April 2010
Total games*: 430
Total profit: $1,097
Hourly rate**: $9.60

*From this month on 'Total games' will refer to HU games only.
**Derived from records of total session length, not simply time spent in-game.

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  1. Nice month!!! Are you planning on bumping up to the $50 or $100 matches? I could use a horse. *cough *cough.

  2. Thank you, sir! I am flattered, but I don't think I'm ready to move up that far quite yet, partly because of the need to preserve my bankroll to pay the bills. I appreciate the gesture, though! I am thinking about the $30s soon...

  3. I don't know, bro. Quitting your job may have been just a little premature...

  4. I would agree with you, if I felt I was depending on poker to keep my house, food, etc... but that's not really why I quit. I quit because I need to figure out what kind of real job I want to pursue, and whether I want to go back to school, not because I plan to support myself on poker indefinitely. Basically I have $1000 in rent to pay between now and September, and over $2000 to my name... so as long as I don't lose more than half of that in the next few months, I should be okay. :)
    Thanks for looking out for me though; as always your thoughts are appreciated!