Tuesday, May 18, 2010



  1. Alright, pass the test now. Remember to take a break when you start to feel bad.

  2. Does this mean you lost every single hand where you were a favorite?

  3. @ Thomas: Thanks man, I appreciate the support. I've taken quite a break this last week, in fact, visiting my brother in Baltimore and only playing for a few hours. So basically being criminally lazy. So much for best month yet!

    @Lorin: I'm not really sure what it means, but it was pretty ridiculous. It was only a single session, like 15 games/~900 hands, so nothing too crushing. I basically lost back everything I made in my previous session. It was pretty unreal though; every 3-outer hit, every draw (except mine) hit, and I even got my top two crushed by a runner-runner straight. Once I punched it into pokerluckmeter I actually couldn't stop laughing though, and felt strangely better. I mean, seriously, "The bottom 1% of worst possible luck" can sound pretty funny.
    Anyway, back to work. Can't be lazy no more.